A Brief History of Red

At the start of the new Millennium, London Clubland seemed to have been attacked by a plague of superclubs. This brought with it long, interminable queues, rude doormen who would frisk and prod you, fearsomely strict dress-codes, extortionate entry fees and drinks and crowds of poseurs worshipping at the altar of big-named DJs who often showed little genuine enthusiasm back.

Kieran and Leandros got fed up with this and so Red was born. Opening with a string of monthly parties at London's Electrowerkz starting in May 2000, Red aimed to re-create the vibe of some of their most memorable nights out. The emphasis was on a friendly and open-minded event with no door policy and a diverse and sociable crowd. The music policy was much the same as the Ministry on Fridays and Home and Fabric on Saturdays, but in an intimate warehouse venue with cans of Red Stripe on sale rather than the latest designer alcopops.

Resident DJs were Leandros, Kieran and Al Williams and Red guests included some of the big players on the club circuit who rarely made it down to London - Passion's JFK, Gatecrasher's Matt Hardwick, Nick Rafferty and Andy Morris all graced the decks at Red.

Following a few hassles with the venue and an unmanageable workload, a scaled-down Red night was launched in September 2000 at Islington's Matt & Matt bar. Ideal due to it's relaxed staff and friendly crowd, the events at Matt & Matt became a resounding success, and generally ended in complete carnage. The music policy began to move to a more progressive sound with Al's melodic grooves and Leandros' tough tribal workouts as well Kieran's uplifting big-room trance.

On Millenium NYE, Red co-hosted Room 2 at Way Over the Top's New Year's Eve party at Cloud 9 in Vauxhall, an event that attracted over a thousand punters. Judging from the feedback we got, this was definitely one of Red's major triumphs.

In September 2001 our residency at Matt & Matt came to an end. We knew it was time to move on and find a better venue with a quality soundsystem, where we could have more control over the night. Al's move to London and the addition of a new DJ, Steve Langdon strengthened the determination to find a new home.

2002 kicked off with one of the best Red events to date. Our opening party at Spirit in Smithfield was a resounding success. With new resident Steve joining Kieran, Leandros and Al the music policy is now one of the most upfront in London, a mix of progressive, tribal, tech, breaks and old school trance shaking up the killer sound-system. The crowd were as sociable as ever and with a late licence in process we are looking forward to a successful run at this fabulous venue.