Trained opera singer Leandros has a passion for house music and clubbing, and has organised several successful parties and events. Always up for it, Leandros will be found at Red either bouncing around the venue with a big smile or delivering his soundtrack of dark, chunky, funky, trancey progressive house.
Kieran plays uplifting and banging tunes to put a smile on any clubber's face. He is also rumoured to be a bit of an IT nerd.

Steve was discovered, promoting his latest mix on the internet a few months back. We were so impressed that we signed him up immediately. Over the summer he has been getting to grips with 3 deck mixing and loves his electronic gadgetry. Steve is a die hard Man Utd fan and has even been to see them play at Old Trafford !

Alan gave up amataur cycle racing for DJing for 4 years ago and has never looked back since, having met Kieran at his first gig in a bar in Bristol. He moved to London in Spring 2001 to concentrate on Red. He enjoys playing melodic progressive music and travelling to exotic destinations.